Monday, 7 December 2009

Always an Itern...

...Never a boss.

Well, I have officially been a graduate for nearly six months. I was be-gowned, photographed, handed a piece of paper verifying that, yes, I did manage to spend 3 more years in education, and wished on my merry way by supervisors, directors of study and professors whose lectures I rarely turned up to.

Now what.

After a decadent Summer sunning myself on the Tuscan coast and holding my boyfriend's hand through food poisoning in Palma, I came back to earth with a bump when I realised I should probably get my act together. Being comfortably ensconced in my familial home was certainly a relief from the years of washing up my teacups in the sink at Uni, but it gets old. And besides, I was starting to get bed sores from spending all day watching tv.

6 months on, and I am still no closer to finding proper employment, but, reader, fear not - for in come The Internships. Having begun the faithful process of work experience and internships at the tender age of 16, I felt certain that I could master the skill of making tea and running errands, and would therefore like to share my musings and advice with the world. Or whoever wants to read my blog (Hi Mum).

Join me on my weary search for employment as I coast from unpaid menial labour to unpaid menial labour, and welcome the slow realisation that maybe I will forever be "always an intern."

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